Integrate jitsi to existed React web app

I am trying to add Jitsi to my existed web React app but can find any documentation about how to do that. I suppose it should work like React Component and I just need to import and use it as describe in Api doc here
In other words I have tried to add it to my project to packages.json with the next line “lib-jitsi-meet”: “github:jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet#2080e812a9e565a7151df367b31b12429ce5b50e” because existed lib-jitsi-meet React Component is very old. So, I can not run the project because a lot of missing dependencies.

I have copied the all dependencies and devDependencies from this project’s packages.json file and now I can build the project but still can not run it because of this error

Failed to compile

./node_modules/js-utils/avatar/index.jsModule parse failed: Unexpected token (15:52)You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type.|  * @returns {string} - Avatar URL.|  */| export function getAvatarURL({ avatarID, email, id }: {|         avatarID: string,|         email: string,

Can you please describe how to add Jitsi to existed web React project or If I am on the right way where is the problem ?

The recommended “install” is to load lib-jitsi-meet through a script tag. I think it has a dependency on jquery, so you might have to also load a library with window.$ defined. Another alternative is to display jitsi-meet in an iframe, As for the error you posted, it looks like jitsi/js-utils, where your error is occurring, has an implicit dependency on flow, as the error is occurring on flow type declarations.

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Thanks for your fast replay! I will try it.
As far as I understand React project exited some time ago, but then was migrated into and I see React folder here and some files for web. Can I use this version somehow?

I don’t know what you mean by “use this version.” If you really wanted to I don’t think anyone could stop you from cloning the jitsi-meet-react repo and building on top of it, if that’s what you mean. Is what you want to accomplish a custom UI using jitsi backend?

i’m using jisti without installing on my server i use only with js files and without api and its working so i want to start recording in this type of demo where jitsi is not installed on my server nor with the api it just only use of jitsi js files.