Integrate Jitsi and Telegram via a bot

Telegram released an update and claimed that they are working on secure video conference by the end of 2020. However, we do not know about three important features: the maximum number of users per room, the kind of encryption e2e or client-server and if it will use a MCU with transcoding or a SFU.
Jitsi is probably the best video conferencing software available. Moreover, it is working to increase the number of maximum users per room and on e2e encryption. Unfortunately, Jitsi does not have a very important feature: user authentication and user roles.
In order, to have a free and open source solution it could be great to merge Telegram and Jitsi by using the former to handle user authentication and roles and the latter for the video conference. In short, it would be possible to create a Telegram bot with the following functions:

  1. Create rooms on Jitsi (server domain, room name and password).
  2. Associate usernames on telegram with usernames on Jitsi.
  3. Allow to create the room only by the administrator of the Telegram group.

I found that Jitsi provide useful API in JavaScript and Telegram has several API/framework for JavaScript (Telegraf.js seems very good).
I have no experience in programming bots and I’m not very good on JavaScript.
What do you think about this idea?
In my opinion it would be very useful in order to have a open source no profit oriented real competitor to the last arrived messenger rooms by facebook (up to 50 users per room, client-server encryption, integration with facebook services 2.2 Billions users).

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Your idea was the same I had, and I’ve also the skill to integrate the 2 things…

My only problem is that I don’t have time right now

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