Integrate Iristick headset video stream into Jitsi meet

Hi @ all,

we currently try to integrate the Iristick H1 headset in order to share the video camera stream to our own Jitsi server instance. Therefore we tried to include the Iristick SDK into Jitsi Meet. The problem here is, that Jitsi uses React Native WebRTC / WebRTC to access android cameras. In order to access the camera stream of the Iristick headset, we would have to change the camera manager object within WebRTC to the Headset object of Iristick (Headset Class Iristick). But this seems to be improssible because we can’t integrate the Iristick SDK into the React Native WebRTC / WebRTC codebase.

Has someone successfully integrated such a device within Jitsi meet or maybe got some tips to do so?

Kind regards,