Integrate iOS SDK with RN > 0.60

I needed to customise the UI, so after download jitsi-meet, change the javascript, and build android and ios, I was able to integrate successfully react native android with the new SDK but the instructions for ios are not very clear
The doc says this
“After successfully building Jitsi Meet SDK for iOS, copy ios/sdk/JitsiMeet.framework (if the path points to a symbolic link, follow the symbolic link) and node_modules/react-native-webrtc/ios/WebRTC.framework into your project.”

But in RN > 0.60, we don’t copy these files manually, we only need to run “pod install” and JitsiMeet sdk and WebRTC sdk are copied to the Pods/ folder.

So, how to integrate the new SDK generate for ios with pods instead of copying these files manually?


Same problem…


Did you found any solution?