Integrate etherpad into jitsi doesn't work like shown in the wiki


I installed etherpad onto our VPS and made it working fine via http://domain:9001. Now I wanted to serve etherpad via Nginx as a subdirectory of the Jitsi domain and then link it into Jitsi. Found an example for it in the wiki:

But there were made some changes to the installations since then I think because on 443 there is listening a nginx instance which divides the traffic to turn and to the jitsi-meet ngninx. If I put the example into the port 80 part of my domain config from nginx everything is working like expected. If I put it in the ssl part (with port 4444) which is my aim it simply doesn’t work. I see only one “get” in the access.log and then it ends and the browser shows as new address https: //domain:4444/etherpad instead of https: //domain/etherpad and no site is loaded (timeout).

What do I have to do to reverse ssl proxy my etherpad session?

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Nobody with the same problem at the moment?

If you want the communication between the Jitsi Meet and the Etherpad server to be encrypted, use a reverse proxy.

If Etherpad will only be accessed via Jitsi and it’s installed on the same server, you don’t need that. Just set

etherpad_base: 'http://localhost:9100/etherpad/p/',

I installed Etherpad on a different server (with reverse proxy). My config values are here.

Another method could be to enable SSL within etherpad’s settings.json