Integrate and setup Jitis with Laravel

I have a website with whole backend built on top of laravel PHP, i need to integrate Jitis with my website , kindly i need full help (step by step) or any useful article

Thanks alot

Search for iFrame API and jwt authentication

@asem.shehadeh I am struggling with the same issue, are you trying to set it up via sail and docker-compose ?
I tried to the same thing but I failed too, unfortunately there is no such tutorial or video, I previously have asked this question

but unfortunately I didn’t get any reply
It might help you, please also share here if you make any progress

I use it with Codeigniter and has worked well for me. I also use MySQL as the database for the jitsi authenticated setup, so all Codeigniter users can log in to my jitsi instance with the same username and password, you can also use JWT.