Integrate and customize Jitsi Meet SDK

Hi! And thanks for the great package.

I currently have a fork of jitsi/jitsi-meet and I’m able to build my own app around the Jitsi components and customize them how I want. However, I’m willing to start my own new app, integrating only the JitsiMeetSDK, to make it more scalable to our needs.

I created a new React Native app and integrated the sdk following the README in Jitsi Meet SDK for iOS using CocoaPods. The app is running, showing my default React Native screen.

The point is, I can’t find how to proceed to showing and customizing Jitsi components, e.g Buttons, Layout, etc. Do I need to make the bridge between native and js?

I also tried react-native-jitsi-meet and saw that they basically build the bridge for us. However, I can’t find how to customize components either.

Please note that I do not have much knowledge with the native files. Any pointing in the right direction would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, and welcome to our community!

If you build the SDK then you’ll need to do the integration with React Native yourself. react-native-jitsi-meet may help, but it’s not up to date and we don’t maintain it.

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Hey @saghul, thanks for the quick reply.

Under Jitsi Meet SDK for iOS there is the section “Building it yourself” with the following command:
xcodebuild -workspace ios/jitsi-meet.xcworkspace -scheme JitsiMeet -destination='generic/platform=iOS' -configuration Release archive

Considering that I already have a complete fork of jitsi-meet and customized my conference UI, running this should produce a customized SDK? Would I be able to use the produced JitsiMeet.framework as the standalone SDK in a new project?

Correct. Note that you also need WebRTC.framework, but you can fetch it fron node_modules.

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Great! But I’m runnning the xcodebuild command and it seems that no JitsiMeet.framework is generated.

I’m trying to find it using find . -name 'JitsiMeet.framework' and nothing is returned. Do you know what this could be @saghul?

Do you get any error? What Xcode version are you using? Did you make any changes to the Xcode projct yourself?