Integrate an external random number generator

Hi I want to integrate my own random number generator into my hosted jitsi server. I guess it picks from Ubuntu server’s kernel settings. How and where to integrate data from my Random Number Generator.

Where do you want to use it?

I have hosted a jitsi meet for my students environment wanted to add a layer of security as we developed a Random Number generator in our lab. Just wanted to integrate them together and try.

Still, it is not clear what do you want to use it for?
To generate room names?

No the SSL protocol connections use the random numbers. every random number function in all applications or packages like SSL use from native linux kernel i want to replace that.

What terminates the SSL connection is nginx, you need to look how you can do that with nginx the other possible place us coturn. So check those two services.
The last thing is jvb and encrypting the media … but we use openssl if you change it globally for the jvb machine so openssl to use, jvb will start using it.

That is definitely a solution that I am looking into parallel to this solution.

Just wanted to know if jitsi does a system call so I replace it there than the machine.

Thanks a lot.