Instead of prosody xmpp server use another xmpp server

can I link jvb and jicofo as an external component to XMPP server (openfire).

You can, or you can use directly their plugin which embeds jicofo, bridge and jitsi-meet as a plugin.

@damencho Thank you. I connected jicofo and jvb to the openfire sirever

I happen to have an openfire server as well… I think I might like to do the same thing… Could you describe the steps you took to bridge Openfire to jicofo and jvb please?

I too would like to know the method of using openfire instead of prosody are there any installation instructions?

Hi @raymonette2000 & @nightstryke,

We did not get a chance to write a complete guide on this. But we have described the steps in high level here on blog. Will try to complete the guide as soon get a chance. If you have specific problems, please let us know, so that we can include them in the guide.