Installing over LAN

Hello everyone,

I have a quick question to know about how I can install the jitsi server and meet to be used over LAN. That is without internet connection on my private network. I have up to 800 users.



For the installation of the jitsi server itself you should have an internet connection, otherwise it will be very tedious.

Yes, it is possible to use Jitsi in a local LAN.
However, as far as I know there are the following limitations:

  • You have to use a self-signed certificate (because of the lack of a public IP address and domain)
  • Therefore all browsers will grumble because they do not find a valid certificate chain. But they work if the users accept the exception. Unless you distribute valid certificates to all devices…
  • As far as I know, mobile apps will not work at all, because they require a valid certificate chain.
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Hi Franky1,

Thank you for your reponse. Yeah i found out it is tedious, downloaded 40GB+ files so far and not sure when it will get end. Have any tips to avoid all this tedious? or make it less tedious to do that?

What if I put up my own certificate server as well over the lan? It may sound idiot but I do not know much about these.

Dear All,
Can you share steps , How it will done on our local network video conferencing

Hi. Did you find the solution of the problem (steps for installing on local network)? If yes, can you share please?

hi did you find any solution for local network, i am having some issues running, can you please share the steps.

thanks and regards

Jitsi in lan should run fine with normal quick install instructions. What is the issue?

Network connection needed of course…