Installing on iPhone for my mum

Hi, my elderly mum is having real problems installing video chat apps and I figured Jitsi would be the easiest. She has an iPhone. If I send her an SMS and she clicks on the link exactly what happens/what does she need to do. My guess is (I don’t have an iPhone to try this on).

  • Click on Link
  • Get taken to the apple store (Jitsi) Page
  • Install Jitsi
  • Go back to the SMS app
  • Click on the link again
  • Video Chat starts


Hi Ben, I can make some screenshots for you and your mum. One question before I do – do you plan on using the general Jitsi server at or do you have your own family jitsi server set up? It’s no problem either way, but the process is slightly different, hence the question! Best, Andreas

Thansk, I think screenshts/videos are a great thing to have to help promote jitsi, specialy when trying to get older people using it.

ime using for now but going to setup a server soon, I can photoshop the sctual room we will use.