Installing Meet / 8x8 on iMac desktop

I apologise if this post is not in the right topic zone but I am a first time user of Jitsi - or I’m trying to use it. I’ve looked at downloading the app from Apple Store and Google but both only seem to give options of installing on IOS, iPad or iPhone or an Android tablet.
I need to install this on my iMac desktop for use during virtual council meetings as do my colleagues. This has to be as simple and hassle-free as possible because we all have varying IT and computing competences.

All help gratefully received, thanks.


If you are on a desktop machine, just use your chrome browser to connect to meeting, you do not need and app, just use the URL you had been given.

But what if you want the app? Is there one?

Thanks but this link just takes you to several other pages/links.

This is the latest release link:
It is just under release of the link I pasted.

Wow not following here. I just thought there would be a simple download there is all kinds of stuff here. I did find one download but then it asks me to select a network? Ugh

You need to choose the app for your OS you want to install on. The app is just an Electron browser (chromium based) wrapped in an app. Giving just few other features that cannot be implemented in the browser.

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got it - thanks for you help!