Installing Jitsi video recording has a problem

Hi everyone, I have an issue with installing Jitsi video recording, I run this command and it didn’t work.

apt install linux-image-amd64 ffmpeg curl unzip software-properties-common

After I run this command it shows the result bellow:

E: Package ‘linux-image-amd64’ has no installation candidate

Please advise Thank you.


Welcome to the community.

What exactly are you trying to install? Can you share a link to the guide you’re using?

Hi @Freddie
I’m trying to install Jitsi Video Recording it’s not working when making video call.

I’d like to share the link I’m using
Set Up Jibri for Jitsi Recording/Streaming – Nerd on the Street

Do you have Jitsi up and running already? Are you able to successfully make a 3-party call with your Jitsi installation?

Hi, I already installed Jitsi sucessfully and I have testing make a call is working fine with 4 parties,


Okay, in that case, try installing Jibri using this guide instead:

Thanks for your guide. Let me try again on this.