Installing Jitsi in MOODLE

How can I install Jitsi in MOODLE?

I have managed to install using Jitsi moodle plugin , but when I open the Camera and Microphone buttons are disabled so I have put up another question about how to resolve

Hi Chisangas
I have the same error messages
Hope someone can help us
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I had the same problem, apparently it is because the plugin opens within a frame, I secondary clicked on jitsi and in the options I choose to open in a new tab and there if it allows to activate audio and camera.

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Please explain more or show steps by screen shots. Thanks.

Sorry bpga1962ec,
Translate into English please.

Firts, open the Jitsi session.
Second, rigth click over frame of jitsi.
Third, (firefox) sub menú -> This frame -> Open this frame in a new window.
now you can activate camera and audio.

i can´t upload images here.

i trying upload but it’s not possible because i am a new user in this community, i can send by email.

Thanks for your response. Let me try out and I will confirm the outcome.
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Please excuse me for getting back late. Your solution of opening in new window works very well (Firefox) but no such option in Chrome.
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how did you get the api and the password