Installing Jitsi client for (k)ubuntu 18.04 for dummies

I use a Thinkpad x230 with Kubuntu 18.04.4 LTS. Jitsi Meet in Firefox works fine but I want to save resolution/bandwidth and therefore install a Jitsi client (and not install Google Chrome!). Unfortunately it did not work.

I downloaded jitsi-meet_2.0.4384-1_all.deb and opened it with qapt-deb-installer. The result was “Error: Cannot satisfy Dependencies

On it says how to add the jitsi repository and install the full suite. I don’t want neither.

For dummies: How do I install Jitsi client for (k)ubuntu with *.deb?

Am I right that jitsi-videobridge, jicofo and jigasi are server side component? If I would add the jitsi repository, is there no client in the Ubuntu/Debian repository?


They want the electron client, rather than the server installation, I think?

I downloaded jitsi-meet_2.0.4384-1_all.deb and opened it with qapt-deb-installer . The result was “ Error: Cannot satisfy Dependencies

If you want the client, download it from here:

Thanks! That worked fine.

Now, I have one final question: is it better to use the AppImage or the side inside Vivaldi browser (uses webRTC peer-to-peer connections)?