Installing different versionf os Jicofo, Meet and JVB

Hello guys,

The Web Changelog shows the version of Meet, JVB and Jicofo in every release cycle. So my question is: can I deployJitsi Meet 1.0.4127 from cycle 4627 along with Jicofo 1.0-567 from cycle 4548 and Jitis Videobridge 2.1-197 from cycle 4546 or all need to be from the same release cycle?

That would mean that when I update Jitsi-Meet I also have to update Jicofo and JVB the same release cycle version, leaving me no option of updating only Jitsi-Meet. Is this correct?

Thanks for the help.

Yes, it is recommended to update everything together. This is how things were tested, if you do the other way be prepared for unexpected problems.

I assumed that was the case but wanted to be sure. Thanks a lot.