Installing and running meet in local machine


I was wondering how I would set up Jitsi-meet locally on my Ubuntu20.04 machine. The documentation says to add localhost
x.x.x.x meet

to /etc/hosts but I do not have a domain name since I want to test it locally. What should I do in that case?


if this is only for testing, you can use any host address (for example meet.mydomain.loc). Add the host address to the client’s hosts file too

Thanks for the reply!
what should i add instead of x.x.x.x ? can my host address be anything like

The local IP address… Probably it’s something like 192.168.1.x

Check the output

hostname -I

IIRC it’s possible to install Jitsi without using an FQDN too. Then you only need the IP address while installing

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