Installing a Jitsi Server using NGINX as webserver


Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum.

I have an issue. I have setup a Jitsi Server on a Ubuntu 18.04 PC to serve as my company’s Jitsi Meet Server. I have followed the online tutorial video in order to complete this.

But I have installed NGINX web server prior to installing the Jitsi-Meet software.

After successfull installation, I am able to start a new video conference from a client PC, but as soon as a 2nd client joins, both clients accessing the same video conference crashes.

Please, what am I doing wrong? How can I resolve this?

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What does it mean crashes? It is just that there is no video from the participants or you see the reload screen?

If it is just there is no video had you check ?



What I mean by it “just crashes” is that, as soon as the 2nd client joins the video conference using the same URL, both Clients gets the message “Some error occurred and we are trying to resolve it. Reconnecting in x amount of seconds”

I have not seen the github quick installation guide. I will check it out.

Why do I get that message on both clients when they join the same video conf?




Then check your js console logs, thre should be an error with a reason.


have u done the advanced configuration? from my experience if u using some sort of nat then need to specify the public and private ip in the in jvb. that could be the reason.


Thanks Tanvir, I came right with my issue.

You pointed me in the right direction. :slight_smile: