Installed jitsi meet, does not work

I installed jitsi meet on debian 9 64bit partly using

I install the java.
And the nginx.

I can get jitsi desktop and jitsi meet into the synaptic package
if I install
I then install jitsi meet.

I turn computer off and on.

The computer displays these screen pictures

But if I set a new meeting then another computer will not connect.
What to do? Thanks.

Those are normal, this is a self-signed certificate and the browser warns you, you can install let’s encrypt.
If it doesn’t work, it depends what it doesn’t work. What is the error you see in the javascript console?

Hi, I have installed jitsi meet according to this link :
I got the github code, then “npm install” and then “make dev”
it will work on https://localhost:8080 , but the problem is that css does not work correctly. what can I do? my os is Ubuntu 18.04 ,actually I’m new to Linux

This is building the sources part. You want to deploy a jitsi-meet or you want to play with the source code of the web app?

If you just want a deployment, follow this guide:

I want to deploy it on my laptop as a developer.our company project is based on meet and as a test I must build it correctly

Is this part necessary ? “lib-jitsi-meet”: “file:///Users/name/local-lib-jitsi-meet-copy”,

Not sure what is wrong with the css. Try first do make and then make dev.
No, do not modify lib-jitsi-meet for now. Use the original one.

I did that again. npm install then make and then make dev. but the problem exist. I noticed that “all.css” is empty which is used as the css file!

in this part it is rendering.

npm install, does it compete successfully?
Maybe try deleting node_modules folder and try again npm install.

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I just deleted node modules and installed them again,it was related to “cleancss” that I attached above.
thank you for your help!:raised_back_of_hand:

hi, sorry i am really ignorant, i isntal in quick install and it works, but a want to try somo changes in sources to make a deploy more personal to my work, im having trouble with npm install. how do yo deleted node modules??

you just need to delete the folder!quite easy :slight_smile: