Installation Tutorial doesn't work on a vanilla Debian 10

I am running an out of the box Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) with a standard nginx and this nginx config file for the given domain.

I follow step by step the install tutorial:

No documentation I can find on gives me any additional information. They all say apt-get -y install jitsi-meet and fire up the URL in your browser afterwards.

What is the documentation missing? What do I have to configure to make it happen that I can open the URL in the browser to the the Jitsi system?

jitsi-meet is tested on debian installations using java 8
debian 10 ships with java 11 and jitsi-meet is not yet java 11 compatible

there are some workarounds suggested in this thread, by installing openjdk-8-jdk from debian sid, installing openjdk 8 from adoptiopenjdk or a long term solution by fixing jitsi-meet to be java 11 compatible by including jaxb jars with videobridge and jicofo.

i have written a blog for jitsi-meet please follow that and if you think you need more help about this , then i can help you

What about ?