Installation for a Node Noob


The instructions are fairly straight forward but I’m not sure what to expect as the outcome:

Clone the project
cd jitsi-meet // This is the cloned dir?
npm install // A bunch of stuff just seems to kinda happen?
make // standard compiling command

Is a make install required in order to install the resulting compiled project?

If I’m doing this on a system to which I’ve installed Jitsi-Meet from the repo I’ll need to purge all of that, right?


So if you had already installed jitsi-meet and it is working after doing make all you need is to edit the web server (nginx, apache or jetty from jvb) configuration from where to serve jitsi-meet.
Just replace /usr/share/jitsi-meet with the folder with your custom jitsi-meet and restart the webserver.


Works like a dream! Thanks.