Installation files for windows

I am french, but i thinks it’s an English forum, so i’ll speak English.

i am a Linux user (Ubuntu) but i have a Spanish friend using Windows.
In the official site of Ubuntu, they advice to advice windows users to install jitsi.
But i don’t find the installation file for windows and for linux.
Can you help me?

Ok, i excuses me.
i don’t have seen there is 2 pages internet

the first for android, and in the second for other system
but there is an error 522


you have to understant that there are old things on the internet, this post from Ubuntu was referring to the Jitsi client, a discontinued software (community supported as they say) on which was based the current Web-based software.
The old software is here but you can’t try it because as of now the download server is enjoying its week-end.

:grin: the server is in week end :smile: :smile:
Yes, i saw the page age of something like 2014

Ok, if i understand (sorry, I’m french with a limited English)
Now there is no need to install something it’s word with the web browser, that’s it?

It’s all right if you don’t understand my english, it’s french english anyway.

You can use Jitsi-meet (the server software) using Chromium, Firefox, or Jitsi-meet electron (that’s Chromium made to look as native application) with, the ‘free’ platform (with a bit of advertisements), or a number of equivalent free platforms - you can go to (for example) to connect to a wider choice of systems.

If you want to download the ‘traditional’ Jitsi software, you will have to wait for the download server to be up again (jitsi-meet electron binaries are available from github)

Thanks for the answer.
It appear to be a little more complicated than i have expected…