Install with no standard ports available


Not sure I understand all the network magic happenning with Jitsi and WebRTC.

The case is I want to run a Jitsi server behind my Internet Provider NAT that is accessible from outside.
The problem is I can only use ports on my public IP that are above 32768, so no 80, 443, 4443, 10000 or 5000-6000.
So, the major question is, is it even possible to set up a configuration where clients can access my Meet server with only ports above 32768 ?

And if yes, can you point to useful ressources to do it ? Or at least warn me of the level of complexity of the thing.
I think manual installation doc is the primary source to achieve that, but is it sufficient ? (Assuming I have little experience with all these services, as until now, I only set up file servers on one port).

Can I save hassle by removing some bonus services, like setting up coturn to optimize one to one calls ?

Thanks anyway, is still a really good tool meanwhile.

Up ?