Install Server for use of university


I am new here.
I proposed a server installation for academic use, classes and meeting.

Can I use you specialist help.
What directions do you recommend, for starting and acomplish this project.

I’m very familiar with linux and web servers configuration, specially centOS, apache, php, etc.
I also have some experience with docker.

José Campos

Please refer to this thread for a detailed example of a scalable deployment rolled out by for Swiss higher education purposes. They even open sourced the ansible playbooks they created at - this should hopefully get you started.

You can get Jitsi automatically installed in dedicated cloud environment using Jelastic pre-packaged solution. Just follow the step-by-step instruction.

Jitsi on Jelastic is available across different hosting service providers, so you can install it on servers located closer to you. Also, some of the partners provides free resources for hosting this application:

  • CloudJiffy provides two months of free Jitsi hosting within regions in Germany and the USA

  • Hosteur gives two months of free Jitsi hosting across their data centers in Switzerland and France

  • SaveInCloud, service provider from Latin America, offers 20 days free hosting of Jitsi within their data centers in Brazil

The links for registration to these providers are available in the Jitsi guide.
Good luck with your project!

Hello, Tetiana

I appreciate your help.
We would prefer having this solution within our infrastructure, managed by us.

Perhaps you could point me in the right direction, in order to install and configure all this.

Best regards,
José Campos