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I’m unsure how to configure for my particular scenario. All http(s) traffic comes into a central NGINX instance running in an LXD container. I have created a new container for jitsi-meet, let’s call it “jitsi dot localdomain”. The external DNS for this will be “meet dot mydomain dot com”, which will come into NGINX where all traffic will be proxy passed. The NGINX container has a valid ssl cert for “meet dot mydomain dot com”.

When I install jitsi-meet, it asked for the fqdn, so I have it meet dot mydomain dot com which is obviously not the fqdn of this container but it IS the fqdn that you will use to access this instance. The install failed, trying to reconfigure gives the error: “The given hostname does not exist in the config”. I’m unsure what to do at this point.

Can you please clarify what should be provided for the fqdn, and any other important points I should be aware of with this? The hostname of this container will never be the same as the fqdn used to access this service both internally and externally so I hope it is not relied on.

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