Install on Oracle Cloud

I am trying to install Jitsi Meet on a cloud. I have created an VM and followed all the steps in the quick install guide. However, when I am run “sudo apt install jitsi-meet”, I am asked to enter the hostname. I don’t know what to enter here. I already tried entering my public IP v4 address and my internal FDQN, but both didn’t work. What exactly am I supposed to enter as hostname?

Your hostname is the (sub)domain FQDN. You can set it:

hostnamectl set-hostname

You have to install others like nginx too, besides jitsi-meet. If you simply copy paste the commands from quick install it should work.

Yes, you are correctly entering the host name.

It should have worked. May be try searching for any install scripts in the forum and reinstall using them.

Or it might be that the services are not running. Check the status of all services like nginx, jitsi-meet etc.