Install mobile JITSI-Meet on Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine

Hello to everyone. I tried to install mobile Jitsi Meet project on a Ubuntu Linux virtual machine for an university project, but i found some issues.
I followed the Developer Mobile guide, and as she said, i installed all the React Native dependencies, and all i needed to build the project.

After i configurated the emulator and added all the dependencies of the libraries, i just met some errors, like duplicate classes or some symbol methods that Android Studio couldn’t resolve.
I resolved these with the help of Jitsi community, or just with the help of some guides on the Internet.

I just met a new error using Android Studio on the XML file of the project: the file is read-only (I have not changed anything in fact), and it is the following:

As i said, i didn’t modify at all the XML configuration file of the project, but i can’t run the project and i can’t load the app on the emulator.
Do someone know how can i fix that? I think the project is missing some dependencies of some libraries, but i don’t know which.

Thanks in advance.

@damencho @thedroid