Install Jitsi server on zLinux


I’m asked to install Jitsi server on zLinux. Are there packages for this architecture?
If not is there a recommended way to build and install the software? We already have a test environment on Debian and Ubuntu and this works fine, but for scaling issues the production environment will be System Z.
After installing all of the prerequisites I can compile Jitsi, Jicofo and Prosody on Ubuntu, but I’m not quite sure how to proceed with installation and to transfer the concepts to Z. Any experience from which I can participate?

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I don’t know what is zLinux is but if it has a container support (LXC or Docker), you can copy the container images.

System Z is a different processor architecture - you may know the term “mainframe” instead. Nowadays it’s mainly Linux running (was SuSE, is mostly Redhat now). IBM is manufacturing the CPUs on its own. It was called “s390” in some linux distros.

I would not tell a s390 system if it hit me in the eye, but I can read on the internet that zLinux supports LXD and Ubuntu provides s390 containers.

lxc image list images:s390 | grep focal
| ubuntu/focal/cloud/s390x (1 more) | 4a72b0c4559a | yes    | Ubuntu focal s390x (20200722_07:42)    | s390x        | CONTAINER | 92.95MB  | Jul 22, 2020 at 12:00am (UTC) |
| ubuntu/focal/s390x (3 more)       | 49149ab90309 | yes    | Ubuntu focal s390x (20200722_07:42)    | s390x        | CONTAINER | 78.76MB  | Jul 22, 2020 at 12:00am (UTC) |

Thanks for this. I asked our Z admin and we only have Redhat available.

I was not thinking of actually installing Ubuntu on your system, but on your zLinux system install LXD, then create an Ubuntu container; at this point you could hopefully use the Jitsi toolchain to create deb packages for Jitsi. And (hopefully) Prosody could be available as maintained package. Could be easier than create a whole toolchain for your system.

Well, after some meddling with different maven versions and solving problems around our internet proxy, I have managed to compile prosody, jicofo and jitsi-meet on Redhat s390x and CentOS x86_64. I have preliminary RPM packages, but most probably the post scripts need some more tinkering ;). That’s a good start anyway imho.