Install Jitsi on subdomain of my website

hi there
I’m totally new to Jitsi. It seems the tool I need.
After surfing some YoutTube-Videos and tutorials I wonder if there is a simple way to install Jitsi on a subdomain of my website which is hosted in linux. For this subdomain I already got a LetsEncrypt certificate from my hoster.

As I’m a windows guy I would appreciate it if there was a GUI for just entering some of my servers info like URL etc. and click RUN and that’s all.
Up to my research I couldn’t find this tool anywhere. Do you have any link tip?

Did you take a look at
It’s not a GUI with a RUN button, but it’s pretty much the easiest way to install the platform.
You need an SSH client (like PuTTY for Windows or something similar) to log in and then you follow the instructions.

there was a misunderstandig from my side. I own a website but it is shared webhosting. I asked my host’s support and the answer was I need to have a root server which I have to self administrate.