Install jitsi-meet on GKE: no bridge available


I am new to jitsi-meet and I am so happy to discover this open source solution.

I am trying to install jitsi-meet on Kubernetes. My next steps are streaming logs to Elasticsearch/Kibana and monitoring with Prometheus/Grafana.

But for the moment I am blocked with the installation on Kubernetes.

I use GCP/GKE as a kubernetes deployment target.

Here you have the yaml I have used(it is copied from branch k8s-helm) :

The first step I have done is to get static IP using this command:

“gcloud compute addresses create helloweb-ip --region us-central1”

I have checked the creation of the IP. it is OK.

Second step I install the JVB service so that the Loadbalancer are created with the static IP that I have created in the first step.

I have checked in GCP that the IPO is associated to Loadbalancers(UDP/TCP)

Then I have installed the others YAMLs in this order:

1- prosody-deployment.yaml

2- prosody-service.yaml

3- jvb-deployment.yaml(logs of started container is in logs-jvb.txt logs-jvb.txt (33.6 KB) )

4- jicofo-deployment.yaml(logs of started container is in logs-jvb.txt jicofo-logs.txt (24.4 KB) )

5- web-deployment.yaml

6- web-service.yaml

7- web-ingress.yaml(I have used cert-manager for generating certificate for my own domain name

The result every thing is deployed, we can access web on this URL

I can create a room but when a participant try to access this room i get an error on the log of jicofo I have Can not invite participant – no bridge available.

More Logs error-logs.txt (2.2 KB)

I need your help!

Thank you. :pray:

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Hi, I have fixed my problem, I will try to write and share a tutorial of deploying Jitsi meet on Kubernetes- GKE. Before I have to read more to better understand the architecture.

Thanks :pray:


Hi Issam,

I would love to learn about your process, so a tutorial would be great!
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi Issam,

Were you ever able to write a tutorial or can you share what solved your issue?

Thank you!

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Hi Issam,
I installed jitsi meet on aws eks. I am getting same problem. I.e can not invite participant – no bridge available.
Can you please write how you fixed the problem.
Thanks in advance.

Is it the same for eks?