Install jitsi-meet on GKE: no bridge available


I am new to jitsi-meet and I am so happy to discover this open source solution.

I am trying to install jitsi-meet on Kubernetes. My next steps are streaming logs to Elasticsearch/Kibana and monitoring with Prometheus/Grafana.

But for the moment I am blocked with the installation on Kubernetes.

I use GCP/GKE as a kubernetes deployment target.

Here you have the yaml I have used(it is copied from branch k8s-helm) :

The first step I have done is to get static IP using this command:

“gcloud compute addresses create helloweb-ip --region us-central1”

I have checked the creation of the IP. it is OK.

Second step I install the JVB service so that the Loadbalancer are created with the static IP that I have created in the first step.

I have checked in GCP that the IPO is associated to Loadbalancers(UDP/TCP)

Then I have installed the others YAMLs in this order:

1- prosody-deployment.yaml

2- prosody-service.yaml

3- jvb-deployment.yaml(logs of started container is in logs-jvb.txt logs-jvb.txt (33.6 KB) )

4- jicofo-deployment.yaml(logs of started container is in logs-jvb.txt jicofo-logs.txt (24.4 KB) )

5- web-deployment.yaml

6- web-service.yaml

7- web-ingress.yaml(I have used cert-manager for generating certificate for my own domain name

The result every thing is deployed, we can access web on this URL

I can create a room but when a participant try to access this room i get an error on the log of jicofo I have Can not invite participant – no bridge available.

More Logs error-logs.txt (2.2 KB)

I need your help!

Thank you. :pray:

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Hi, I have fixed my problem, I will try to write and share a tutorial of deploying Jitsi meet on Kubernetes- GKE. Before I have to read more to better understand the architecture.

Thanks :pray:


Hi Issam,

I would love to learn about your process, so a tutorial would be great!
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi Issam,

Were you ever able to write a tutorial or can you share what solved your issue?

Thank you!


Hi Issam,
I installed jitsi meet on aws eks. I am getting same problem. I.e can not invite participant – no bridge available.
Can you please write how you fixed the problem.
Thanks in advance.

Hi issam,

Did you ever figure out the issue with this problem? Did you ever document the solution?