Install jitsi-meet on archlinux


I installed the packages jitsi-meet, jicofo-git and jitsi-videobridge from the AUR and I followed both the manual installation guide and the advanced configuration guide.

As a result, I have a workish jitsi-meet installation : it works only with 2 people and it does not work with Firefox. The issue with Firefox seems to be known, but maybe someone here have a solution.

I believe the issue is coming from the videobridge. I do not find anything in the systemd logs and I properly configured my NAT.

Does anyone already figured out how to install jitsi-meet on archlinux ? Or on any non-Debian distribution ? Is the documentation up to date ?

Probably your problem is when 3rd joins no video or audio, this normally is firewall, port-forwarding or not NAT settings.
You can verify whether jvb is sending correct public address by opening chrome://webrtc-internals and when you open 3 tabs in chrome, find the one with no stun mentioned on the top (that is the peer connection with jvb) and open setRemoteDescription and check ip-addresses.

I’ve also recently installed on Archlinux using same resource, but really guided myself more with the postinst scripts in the deb packages.

I would be interested in sharing configurations. Wouldn’t mind working towards an improved and up to date manual installation guide at the very least.

From initial quick tests I also had Firefox issues, and was only able to test with one more user on Chrome. We both had mic/camera on and could see ourselves just fine, but to us the other person appeared with mic/camera disabled. (barely tested really).

I’m getting back on this and want to get a solid/secure setup going, let me know if you’d like to share progress.

I finally managed to install Jitsi-meet by following the official documentation. I detailled the process here.

It’s absolutely not properly configured but it works, both on chrome and firefox. I will check the postinst scripts you mentionned as soon as I can.

I’ll go back to you when I consider my installation solid enough.