Install jitsi-meet for a local network


I would like to install jitsi-meet on a LAN, to use it on a classroom. Why would I want to do this? Because of screen sharing. I would like to share my screen with the students. This is very useful for example when teaching programming (especially when there is no projector).
Another useful feature is the chat. I can send students url-s that they can open (served from local servers, for example from my computer).

I tried to install it on a VirtualBox machine (built and managed with vagrantup). I forwarded the ports 443, 4443 and 10000 to the virtual machine, I disabled HSTS on apache configuration, etc. However couldn’t make it work.

Is it possible to make it work locally? If yes, how?

Or if you think that using jitsi just for desktop sharing and local chat on a LAN is overkill, what would you suggest to use?


This can be done. No it is not an overkill, but mind that running it on a desktop station is not a good idea, as today most of the desktop stations use wifi, make sure it is wired. And make sure the AP for the wifi the students use is good enough. Cause 20-30 people joining from the same AP in a video conference can the AP can be easily blown. Yo are in case where there should not be much traffic it may be ok, but saying it cause I have seen this in a classroom :slight_smile:
By default VM run in NAT environment, had you set to jvb its internal and external address?