Install Jitsi in offline network

Good day, at my work there is a VMware virtualization environment on which I created a virtual machine to install JITSI on it, however our Intranet does not have an Internet connection in the form of security rules.
It turns out in my case, the easiest option to install Jitsi is through the Docker image.
On a computer that has an Internet connection, I downloaded 4 necessary images (based on docker-compose.yml)

  1. jitsi/web
  2. jitsi/prosody
  3. jitsi/jicofo
  4. jitsi/jvb

and env.example file which renamed to .env

As a result, I transferred these 6 files (4 images, .env, docker-compose.yml) to offline network at work, copied them to one folder and launched docker-compose up-d

The launch was successful, but the browser did not open anything at the address http://IP-ADDRESS-VIRTUAL-PC:8000

I now want simply do first assessment of have Jitsi, so no amount until proxy servers not pose

Please tell me what I missed, I actually expected to see a certain page in jitsi or web interface