Install Jitsi in a cluster of 3


I am want to install one jitsi-meet, one jicofo, one prosody and 3-4 four videobridges. So please help me installing this setup.

Please redirect me to the latest guide.

Thank you,

Please don’t do that! Mention just people with whom you are in conversation in the current thread.

Apologies. I am new to the forum.

Ok I will follow this … if i get stuck please guide me… @damencho

@damencho Apart from the above documented link. Is there any training jitsi conducts for installation or training developers ?
Can you please redirect to the right person ?

I am completely new and i am not aware whom to contact for any issues or doubts.

We are planning to use jitsi deployed in our environment in an distributed manner which would replace any paid webconference application.

So please guide / help me.

The correct place for questions is here in the forum.
If you want paid services you can try posting in the paid work section, I know there are few companies monitoring it, that can offer you help.

Right now we are doing POC and understanding the jitsi structure and architecture. I will continue with this forum. But yes please help me with the paid feelancers, companies details. Thank you for the reply.

This is where you need to post and volunteers will contact you.

@damencho I was able to install standalone setup of the jitsimeet,prosody,nginx,jicofo,videobridge and access it over google chrome. But now i want to install only video bridge on server 2 … So how should or which steps to follow to install videobridge on server and configure it with jitsi present on standalone server.

Please help. Your guidance is required.

Install just the videobridge there. Get the configs from the mainserver, change just to connect to the main server ip instead of localhost(jitsi-videobridge/postinst at 4339a9f7dec277f027d625cd9ab6ff8d25f2023c · jitsi/jitsi-videobridge · GitHub) and change the nick used for joining the brewery room.
jitsi-videobridge/postinst at 4339a9f7dec277f027d625cd9ab6ff8d25f2023c · jitsi/jitsi-videobridge · GitHub
Restart jvb.