Install Jitsi Docker and settings

I wonder where to set settings when using Jitsi docker. I want to set lastNLimits and some more parameters. Where do I set them?
I can set some values on .env but not all settings.

/ Pelle

if there is no env for that, you can use a custom config.js

Thanks for answer.

I have tried to add custom-config.js and some other ways like add parameters to .ENV and docker-compose.yml enviroment, but no one works.

don’t know why.

I just want to enforce set the desktopSharingResolution and framerate.

don’t know how to achieve this.

Just create a custom-config.js file in the folder holding the auto created config.js. Default folder ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/web. All arguments in that file will be copied to config.js.

To make sure the files are recreated, you can delete the containers. You can stop all containers and delete images with the command:
docker ps -aq | xargs docker stop | xargs docker rm && docker images | tail -n +2 | tr -s " " | cut -d " " -f 3 | xargs docker rmi -f

Here is an example you can write in custom-config.js:

config.videoQuality.minHeightForQualityLvl = 1080;
config.desktopSharingFrameRate = 30;

hi PelleHanses,

Appreciate for your help. I have tried this, still not work. Nothing changed.

I also tried to use different parameters and properties, but no one worked. (everytime I docker compose down and re-up -d, re-create all containers)

very strange~