Install and configure jitsi server on windows

Hi Mr (s),

My name is kleber and I’m in Brazil.

Searching the internet I found a video conference service called jitsi meet.

I develop a system and my work environment is:
windows 10, apache2, php, perl, mysql, red5, java, cobol, etc.

Note - My knowledge of linux is zero.

I installed linux DEBIAN / JITSI-MEET as a subsystem of windows 10 (WSL) and apparently it is correct.

My question is how to run it through the web since it is a linux subsystem on windows.
Does anyone know how to do this or some tutorial that will help me access it over the internet.

Thank you for your attention.

Note - this text was translated by google


you need to:

  • make accessible at least port 443/tcp and 10000/udp from the network
  • make accessible port 80/tcp if you want a Let’sEncrypt certificate

for any serious use you need a certificate (Let’sEncrypt or any other) and 100mbits/s of bandwidth in the sense server->internet. Note that ‘serious’ does not mean ‘heavy’, it means 5/10 users (probably 10 users with limited quality)

As of general Linux WSD access from the Internet, I don’t know, and this is not on topic for this forum, you should ask on more appropriate channels.

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