Initiate the conference using Jigasi

Hi, I have successfully installed and configure Jitsi-meet and Jigasi. I would like to know if I can initiate a room using Jigasi. Right now I’m able to enter in a video conference using a browser and then I can call from sip phone using Jigasi gateway and join the conference. But If I call from the sip phone through Jigasi and nobody is in the conference, the phone rings and after 30 secs the is hanged up. Thanks in advance.



This is the default, 30 seconds. You can control this with this property: org.jitsi.jigasi.JVB_INVITE_TIMEOUT=1800000 is 30 minutes.

Hi Damian, thanks for the fast reply, is there any way to initiate a conference through Jigasi gateway if the conference is empty?



Yes, Jigasi sends the conferenceIq that is needed from jicofo and conference is created. And then waits the time from the timeout above, before giving up.

Thanks Damian, I really appreciate your support, it worked for me.



Hi Damian, just to better understand:

By increasing the org.jitsi.jigasi.JVB_INVITE_TIMEOUT parameter you will get the SIP client ringing for the timeout then drop.
Is there the possibility that the call is answered and the client starts the call even though nobody is in the conference room?

So if the sip is alone in the room it will wait there for this time JVB_INVITE_TIMEOUT. For we have set this up for 30 mins.

is possible to set it up to works only on SIP?

Like SIP Caller 1 call to empty room, that will be created, SIP Caller 2 also call same room (which should already exists from Caller 1) and both can hear each other? Without anyone using web browser thus nobody will join by videochat UI?

All set-ups what I found is just about increase timeout to not hangup within 30 sec.


Yep, this is possible. If you set it to 30 secs this means that both participants need to connect in that 30 seconds time frame. For we had set that to 30 mins.

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I see, thanks for that, that mean whole my testing was just about not-catch-in time.

Hi to all and hope all are doing well
My query is about when 3rd participant join the meeting audio video muted problem arise.
I am using my own deb10 server
Please guide me is there any configuration which I am missing.

Thank and regards

This has nothing to do with the topic you are posting it in. Create new one and don’t hijack others, please.
Check the advanced section, this is a network problem - firewall, no port forwarding or jvb not announcing its public address.

Thanks for reply and sorry it was my first post so didn’t check that
Sorry again and thanks