Initiate a multiparty call

Hi this question is so vague and general I don’t where to start searching for it :wink:

I have started to have jitsi calls with my family on regular basis, it works fine when everyone signs in at the same time and the video call can begin.

But sometimes I would like to be more spontaneous and make an unscheduled call. Like how signal is used to make a 1-1 phone call. I would like everybody’s phone/client to ring and to notify the conference call is starting and they should open the to join

Which ways could this be set up? I suppose I need some external software as the webclient is not running when there is no call in progress.

We use element-desktop in our team. This is a messenger application. We share the Jitsi room link before switching to the video conference.

There is also a Jitsi based video conference plugin in element-desktop.

Thanks, as I understand this, it is the IM approach where a chatmessage or SMS is sent to all participants. I think it works well for a team where everyone is at their computer most of the time.

I am looking for something more like an old fashioned phone call, to interrupt the B-party if they are engaged in some non computer activity like cooking or reading.