initializeConnectAndLogin().779 No server addresses found

I have been struggling with this error for weeks. I am trying to configure jigasi. I keep getting errors and I can’t call. When I call a number it just says initializing. If I add another line in sip communicator with the server name called out specifically it looks like the call goes through, but it doesn’t. I don’t see initializing like before but nothing happens. I have searched everywhere for many weeks. I am too sad

impl.protocol.jabber.ProtocolProviderServiceJabberImpl.initializeConnectAndLogin().779 No server addresses found

Share your config and logs if you want someone to help you.

@damencho the logs not show too much only jicofo. I try again and fix some errors but still have problems. I share sip and prosody config. Help me please

jicofo.txt (619 Bytes) jigasi.txt (557 Bytes) (4.1 KB) prosody.txt (1.2 KB) sip-communicator.txt (14.0 KB) jicofo-full.txt (1.7 KB)

Now when I click cc button nothing happen. When I enter phone number I get failed to add participants

@damencho sorry I bother you. Help me please? I fix all only error I have now is this

Jicofo 2020-12-31 20:31:12.590 SEVERE: [299] org.jitsi.jicofo.jigasi.TranscriberManager.log() Error finding room for null

This is not the complete jigasi log. It is in /var/log/jitsi

I wipe everything and start again but i try many things and sometime this error and sometimes another error

Hello @damencho I wipe everything many times and do over but I still have trouble. Now no error for jigasi (log empty because i restart everything and wipe log before i try jigasi). But I get log prosody and jicofo I attach. Trouble is I click cc but do nothing. I enter phone inside box of invitation I get error. I enter jitsi_meet_transcripe I get same error. I think I missing something. I put log and jigasi property for you please help me


jicofo.txt (4.0 KB) prosody.txt (1.1 KB) sip-communicator.txt (14.0 KB)

What about the jigasi logs?

After I restart services is when I test and jigasi no make log

I add log from before - jigasi.txt (254.6 KB)

Hello @damencho I wait for you please

You are running jigasi with java14, make sure you run it with java8. And see does that change anything?

@damencho I have java 8 too, how i tied jigasi to it? Where I link it like jibri?

ok, I check now thank you

@damencho sorry that no work. I change to adoptopenjdk-8-hotspot-amd64 then secure domain no work I no log in. I change to java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre now secure domain work but jigasi no work still

Tell me one thing, this i find inside prosody lua. Where that secret go for jigasi? I think maybe this the problem

Component “” component_secret = “****”

Component is not used in latest jigasi.

@damencho ok so where the screen validate? This where problem is. How this field are check? I think is password secret wrong somewhere


When jicofo was trying to invite jigasi, I did not see it in jigasi logs, which is strange …
I’m not sure whether jigasi will run on java14. There are known bugs in adopt jdk, you can try fixing those as described in some other thread in the forum or try running openjdk 8.
And then maybe clean all logs, restart prosody, jigasi and jicofo and upload jcofo and jigasi logs from same session.
Test with cc button, not with dial panel, as I’m not sure that way with the dial dialog is correct.

@damencho I think maybe I confuse about some things. How many prosody account I suppose create for jigasi? I see one in instructions but another one for domain secure? Or is same one I use for two?

Use two as they are using different domains.