Information stored

where information is stored when client joins the room throuh jicofo where all information is stored regarding conference

What information are you referring to?

when participant joins the room (meeting) some data related to participant like name or credentials are store to represent that participant
that what i am asking where data (information) is stored after joining meet

Authentication (if enabled) is performed by Prosody. The display name is sent in a presence stanza through the XMPP connection. Jicofo only keeps a list of JIDs.

I used to check jicofo.log a long time ago to check every authenticated users who joined a room, but today if i create a room, leave and create a second one the log will not add my “name” + JID info. I saw there is a JID who joined when i create the room but only reading jicofo i cant associate “lissandro” and JID '123456" for example.

Is there any other log file i could read to check this? Or prosody is the only one who “knows” the user info+JID ?