Information about connecting to from behind a proxy

Hi everyone, I did a fresh install of jitsi on a my public server and everything works fine. However, I found that for connections from a private network behind a proxy I cannot use this server (the participants connect but there is no audio or video) while from the same network they are able to correctly use the demo service on meet. Can anyone tell me why? Does it have any particular configuration to be able to work with 80/443 ports only?

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Make sure port 10000/UDP is open.

Yes @Freddie, I wanted to clarify that everything works from other public clients, the problem I only detect from the clients behind the proxy.
But what I wanted to know is why the clients behind the proxy are able to use the su service, what is special about the configuration? Maybe it doesn’t use port 10000? has TURN deployed, so if clients are behind a restrictive firewall (that blocks UDP), they can still connect. It sounds like your proxied clients may have blocked ports. You’ll need to deploy a TURN server if that’s the case.