Infamous error "You have been disconnected"

OK, I wrote this not only in .env but in docker-compose too, and Jitsi stopped to disconnect:

Now I’d like to know why users from Chrome log out after some time whereas ones from Firefox don’t.
And share screen feature doesn’t work (doesn’t show anything).

That 504 might be coming from prosody. Can you check if that container logs any errors?

What error do you see in the console when you try to screen-share?

Prosody log doesn’t contain any errors

  1. On my Windows PC when I start conference in Firefox (107) or Chrome (107) and add second participant then, screen share works well in both tabs. After adding third participant screen “user’s screen” gets blank and after some time disappears in all participants’ tabs except tab of that user who started screen sharing. Windows firewall is disabled.
    Console log from Chrome: Logger.js:154 2022-11-24T10:04:31.745Z [features/base/tracks] Failed to create l -
    Console log from Firefox:

  2. On my local server and there is no such problem - all 4 participants (4 Chrome tabs) are able to see sharing screen. Firefox version: Firefox for Linux Mint mint-001-1.0 106.0.5. Firewall is disabled on server.

On 1) you are still using colibri over WebSocket: BridgeChannel.js:84 WebSocket connection to 'wss://localhost:8443/colibri-ws/

I wrote this parameters in .env and docker-compose.yml:

What else can I do?

Seeing version: '3' in your screenshot suggests you are either using an old version or a modified setup. Use the stock latest version while testing this please, otherwise I have no way to know what you might have changed and how it affects the whole setup.

Yes, I used old docker-compose file that was created about a year ago.
Now I deleted it and took docker-compose.yml from here Release stable-8044: release · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet · GitHub.
Did “docker-compose up -d”.
Got error “services.prosody.environment array items[0,13] must be unique”.
Stuck again.

The error suggests there is a duplicate env var in the compose file. Did you modify it?

After some copy-paste work with new docker-compose.yml Jitsi started and has been working well for 1 hour, i.e. no disconnections, screen share worked in all 5 browser tabs.
Thank you very much for your help and patience.
I’ll continue test it in a couple of days (actually I’ve never tested video/audio transmission).

Good to hear!