Individual Participant Volume Control missing in iOS/iPadOS app, but available in browser-based experience

Me and friends have Jitsi Meet v20.6.2 installed on iOS/iPadOS. When joined to a meeting, we cannot find any means to change individual local volume for other users. This poses usability issues when participant audio is at vastly different levels, especially for users with sensory processing challenges. The good thing is that the issue does not exist in the web app, so joining through a web browser is a workaround. It would be lovely if this feature parity could be addressed in the iOS/iPadOS apps directly.

Here’s a screenshot of the (limited) menu I see when i long-tap on a fellow participant in Jitsi Meet v20.6.2 on iOS/iPadOS, and there’s no option to change that other user’s local volume on my side:

(as a new user i can’t post the corresponding second screenshot showing how the menu in the browser-based experience does have the volume control available)

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Yep, that feature is not yet available on mobile.

Not available on android either. It will be a great feature.

With latest jitsi version, I do not see volume control on Ios browser ( safari and chrome as well).
have it been removed or some other issue?

It’s not yet available on mobile devices.

Android can be seen only ios is issue ( I am referring through browser not App)

Really? I just checked again on my Android (using Chrome browser); I don’t see it. :flushed:

On Android You hold your finger on tile and a slider will appear from bottom and in the last you willl see audio slider

Indeed, you’re right! I didn’t even know you could trigger the context menu like that. :+1:t5: