Individual attendee recordings

Does Jitsi allow for individual audio/video attendee recordings? For example, if there are 2 people in the meeting, there would be 2 recording files that each only includes audio & video of 1 participant. Mostly curious about separated audio recordings, but video would also be useful.

Jitsi has participant talk-time statistics, so I’m assuming it tracks individual audio somewhere…?

The Local Recording feature used to do exactly that - record individual audio tracks for the participants that can then be compiled together later. However, “Local Recording” in an upcoming release will now refer to local audio and video recording of the entire meeting (not individual streams).

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I see, so individual audio tracks will no longer be available in the upcoming release? Or was it renamed to something else?

That is the part I’m not absolutely certain of, at the moment.

@pingya What you ask for it’s currently not possible.

What the previous local recording feature did was record your own audio track.

What the new one does is record the entire meeting as a video file, or optionally record your own tracks separately, in case you want to do some composition later.