Index.html report Be.runQueuedFunctions is not a function

I use the manual installation guide.
after starting the nginx, the page is white(blank).

the chrome console has below error.

amplitude.esm.js:2911 Uncaught TypeError: Be.runQueuedFunctions is not a function
at Object. (amplitude.esm.js:2911)
at Object. (amplitude.esm.js:2913)
at n (bootstrap:19)
at Object. (Labels.js:93)
at n (bootstrap:19)
at Object. (functions.js:3)
at Object. (functions.js:113)
at n (bootstrap:19)
at Object. (AnalyticsEvents.js:732)
at n (bootstrap:19)
at Object. (index.js:1)
at Object. (actions.js:718)
at n (bootstrap:19)
at Object. (index.js:67)
at n (bootstrap:19)
at Object. (actions.js:5)
at Object. (actions.js:271)
at n (bootstrap:19)
at Object. (index.js:8)
at n (bootstrap:19)
at Object. (actions.js:20)
at n (bootstrap:19)
at Object. (actionTypes.js:95)
at n (bootstrap:19)
at Object. (actions.js:17)
at n (bootstrap:19)
at Object. (AuthHandler.js:1)
at Object. (AuthHandler.js:229)
at n (bootstrap:19)
at Object. (connection.js:1)
at Object. (connection.js:189)
at n (bootstrap:19)
at Object. (conference.js:1)
at Object. (conference.js:2833)
at n (bootstrap:19)
at Module. (DropdownItem.js:2)
at n (bootstrap:19)
at bootstrap:83
at bootstrap:83

Manual install is not recommended, there are many places it can go wrong. Check for other errors, do you see any?

no. only this error.
I notice that the all.css is empty !
not sure if this is a make issue.

can I use quick install to install a jitsi and copy the jitsi-meet folder to other server and used by other nginx (I will setup another prosody and videobridge for it)?

What is your goal?

my goal is to install nginx, prosody, videobridge, jicofo , jitsimeet on different machines. not on the same one.

Then you don’t need manual install, you can do that with debian packages.

The package jitsi-meet is a meta-package which connects the dots, just depends on a known versions of the rest of the packages, so users can install it quickly.
jitsi-meet-web-config - configures webserver for use with jitsi-meet
jitsi-meet-prosody - configures prosody for use with jitsi-meet
jitsi-meet-web - the web content /usr/share/jitsi-meet, both packages above depend on this.

All you can install on different machines, but the easiest way to go is to have a signalling node and multiple jvb nodes, the way currently operates.

So first use the quick-install have it all configured and working in one node, make sure 3 people joining from internet and it works, then you can stop the jvb there and install it on different node, make sure it works again with same scenario with 3 participants. Then you can replicate the jvb on multiple nodes. And this is what we call a shard.
I think same you can see here


which repository I need to add ? just tried apt install on ubuntu. it do not find the package.

one question:

we need to set the root(the path of jitsi-meet. e.g /srv/jitsimeet) in nginx config. if I use a remote nginx, do you have any good idea how to handle it ?
currently I just use nfs to mount the jitsi folder to remote nginx

The recommended guide is you will find all information there.

Install first nginx the follow quick-install guide and you will have a working deployment with nginx configured and you will see the nginx config that is needed or in the original nginx you can proxy all requests to this nginx … to not run into troubles use the same domain for this deployment as the one you will use to access it.

ok. understand.

thanks for your answers.