Increasing bitrate

I am trying to increase the call quality uses on my server. When I look at the call statistics, the upload bitrate is never higher than 2.6 Mbits per second at 1080p quality, which results in a picture that is a bit blurry. Is there any setting that can be changed in order to achieve a higher quality call?

Also, is there any way to force a certain frame rate? Even as high as 60 fps?

Interesting. This seems to increase the frame rate in a mock group call initially (judging from the call statistics) but then it drops back down to its favorite number, 15.

This kind of works sometimes, but it is not very reliable. For instance, when I open three sessions on my server, there is no reason it should not achieve both the minimum bitrate and frame rate with all of them, right? But it only does sometimes, and rarely both.

I do not know whether servers’ bandwidth matters if all the instances are local, but adding up the ingress and egress rates for all of the instances, it is well below the maximum bandwidth. It is particularly important to me to get the FPS for every user to around 30 FPS. The resolution is merely annoying and not every user would have enough bandwidth to receive 10 HD streams in any case. But the low frame rate is a major contributor to the artificially of video chat.