Increase the width of dialogs

I have a custom dialog where I want to increase the width

I open it via:

conference: conference

The dialog has a width of 400px and via dev tools I can change it’s width via dev tools:

I searched for every 400px occurence in the code base.

I changed _dialog.scss .dialog from 400px to 800 px
_jquery-impromptu.scss dev.jqi swith from 400px to 800px

But the dialog keeps opening with 400px width.

via the vscode search I couldn’t find any other occurences with 400px width

Is there a way to change the width of a dialog?

While I don’t know the answer to your question, I remember someone having the same problem, a value that could not be found anywhere in the code, it was a default value in the Atlaskit (so it could be found in the node_modules directory). HTH.

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