Increase local recording limit for self-hosting

Hey Guys i have self-hosting jitsi meet and if i start local recording it’s give me only 1GB
and if it reach the limit the record stopping.

I search everywhere and try to find any configuration for increase the limit.
please I want your help.

Thank you

As far as I can tell, that limit is hardcoded and cannot be changed from config.

Dear @shawn thank you but Where can I find this file in the sever cannot find it ,and it’s mentioned as react feature is it effective for the web browsers

This is the sourcecode which then is bundled in app.bundle.js file. To change you need to recompile the jitsi-meet source code.

I find in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/libs/app.bundle.min.js this code (totalSize: 1073741824,) then I changed to (totalSize: 3073741824,) and when Start recording it no changes also stop recording when the size became 1 GB.

Make sure it is not cached, try in incognito.

We could maybe make this configurable… The problem is that it’s stored in RAM while the recording is taking place, so making it too high may lead to system instability.