Inconsistent Dial-Out SIP Jigasi "Offer contained no valid media descriptions"

I’m wondering why the offer is inconsistent here - what am I missing?

OperationFailedException: Offer contained no valid media descriptions

Calls need to be retried somewhat randomly before they are a success. Has anyone faced this issue and overcome it?

What versions of jitsi-meet components and jigasi are you using?

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I’m using docker jitsi/jigasi:stable-7882

They’re all stable-7882

Do you think it could be relating encodings?

For sure :slight_smile: There is no codec enabled …

Hi @damencho, I have a couple of issues still, I’ve added encodings

OperationFailedException: Offer contained no media formats or no valid media descriptions

IllegalStateException: The initiator is expected to specify the transport

It’s weird that this is only happening half of the time.

Half the time, it works with no issue.