Inconsistent connection scenarios

I followed the quick install instructions (jitsi dot org/downloads/). I looked at other threads that couldn’t get audio/video on all devices but couldn’t find my specific situation or a fix for it.

I have 4 devices: a laptop running the server, two androids, and an iphone. When the laptop is part of the connection, the phones not connected to the wifi will be “in the room” but no audio/video. I can use all 3 phones while 2 are on the network and 1 is not with no issues. I can use all devices if they are all on the internal network. I can use one phone on the network and one phone outside the network. I can use the laptop and one phone off the network.

It seems like any combination that includes the laptop (server) and one device outside the network, the outside device cannot get audio/video. I also tried the advanced configuration (github dot com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/ but that made is so the laptop couldn’t connect to any device on or off the network.

I am forwarding ports 443, 80 and 10000-20000

Need more info? See the following logs.

It seems like Jitsi fails in weird ways if you have multiple devices trying to punch through a NAT at the same time. I haven’t put in the effort to make heads or tails of it yet.